Happy Flag Day!

Happy Flag Day everyone! Prior to enlisting and actually learning more about the Army, I was one of those people who thought Flag Day was yet another unimportant holiday that greeting card companies used to milk the consumers of their money. As I usually was with such presumptuous assessments, I was wrong. Flag Day is actually a pretty important holiday for this country and even more important for us Soldiers. On this very day way back in 1775, our government gave birth to our primary fighting force; our Army! Yay! Happy 237th birthday Army! Now that you’ve been briefed on the true meaning of this patriotic holiday perhaps you’ll sing our beloved banner a birthday song. Although the traditional “happy birthday to you!” bullshit would suffice, there’s another song out there that would be much more fitting. What song is that? You’ve guess it! The “Star Spangled Banner”!

Again, prior to joining the Army and caring enough to learn about it, I thought the “Star Spangled Banner” was just some silly song some guy made up way back in the day because we were the only country that didn’t have a national anthem. Once again, I was wrong. The “Star Spangled Banner” actually has a pretty cool back story and despite my initial thoughts, does hold some real meaning. Our national anthem actually started off as a poem written by lawyer Francis Scott Key. While bunkered down Key watched Fort McHenry be overrun by the British Navy. His poem “Defence of Fort McHenry” was so moving it caught the attention of many and after putting the lyrics to a tune, became our national anthem. On 3 March 1931 President Herbert Hoover signed off on Congress’ motion to make the “Star Spangled Banner” our national anthem and as the old saying goes, the rest is history!

With all of that being said, once again Happy Flag Day everyone! Have a great day! 🙂

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