Pug Sings the Blues

I saw this video a couple of days ago and have been contemplating posting it since. I personally think it’s adorable but I can also equally see how someone watching could say “wtf is this shit?”. Thus the basis of my conflict; obviously though this cute Pug and her catchy song won. 🙂

Loca is a singing Irish Pug that “can’t freckin’ run”. Little Loca suffers from a mild brain disorder that zapped her ability to run. Walking is no issue and she can jump pretty high, but taking that turkey trot of a walk up a few paces to a full-fledged run is out of the question. Other than her mild mobility issue Loca is completely healthy, clearly happy and has no idea that anything is wrong with her. Gotta love Pugs! No matter what, those little bundles of fur are happy as can be and spread their joy to the world with their antics and their smushed in faces :-).

Contingent upon the success of her first big video, Loca’s mom promised her an entire roasted chicken if this video reached 1,000 views. To date, this singing Irish Pug has earned herself over 60,000 views and is sure to receive more. That sure is a lot of chicken for one tiny Pug. Perhaps she’ll share with her co-stars; her brother Alfie and sisters Layla and Lucy.

One thought on “Pug Sings the Blues

  1. I just love dear little Loca. I have a Pug named Maddie and we have watched your videos several times. I love all dogs, but have a particular fondness to Pugs. Loca is so lucky to have such a wondeful family! Your videos are awesome and I look forward to seeing more of Locas adventures with Layla, Lucy and Alfie. Give them all a little hug and kiss from me and thank you for takjng such god care of them.


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