Toddler Bribes NFL Player with $3.36

This is one of the cutest stories ever! As if I don’t say that with just about every news story I post with children involved. I really mean it this time! This story takes the cake; for real. You’ll see.

After adopting the NY Giants as his favorite team, 6-year-old Joseph Armento was heartbroken to learn that one of his favorite players left the Giants to play for the San Fransisco 49ers. After raising the question as to “why?” to his mom, Joseph discovered that running back Brandon Jacobs swapped teams because (in essence) the Giants could no longer afford him. As childlike innocence would have it, that wasn’t good enough for Joseph. After penning a brief letter to Jacobs, Joe gathered up his money totalling out to $3.36 and sent it to the NFL star in hopes that the pay raise would convince him to return to the team. Awww! Isn’t that precious? Sadly however, Jacobs had already signed his new contract with the 49ers and  could no longer take little Joseph up on his offer even if he wanted to. Despite signing this new deal Jacobs was still very touched by his tiny fan’s effort at winning him back and published the following heart-felt tweets:

Awwww! Yes, I know, Brandon Jacobs is a grown-ass Football player and “awww!” may not be very fitting but what else do you say to that? Exactly.

Switching the focus back to Joe, rather than sulking about his favorite player’s departure from his favorite team he turned his attention on his seemingly new favorite; the Giant’s wide receiver Victor Cruz. Little Joe Armento must really like Cruz. In the video below he states that he would be willing to pay a whopping $10.99 to keep him around. Gotta love kids! 🙂 In addition to the video of Joe discussing Cruz, you will also find the letter that Joe’s mom Julie neatly typed on Joe’s behalf as well as his baggie of cold hard cash. Big ups to Joe! It’s so adorable when kids take a stand and take action towards what they want! 🙂


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