My Granny Loves Tattoos

Some has created quite the reputation for themselves. Their online greeting cards cover a wide range of topics from humorous birthday, anniversary and graduation cards to more random “I don’t like you and here’s why” type cards that although funny, posses a dry sense of humor and sarcasm all around. Since these cards are so off-kilter you can easily send one to a frenemy and get your feelings out there without inciting a riot. You’ve expressed how you felt but unless you’re like me and are known for your dry sense of humor, cynicism and sarcasm, no one will suspect that you really mean what the card said. Direct honesty and mild tact all bundled up into one easy to send card. Perfect!

This particular card really struck a chord with me when I saw it on Pinterest. Last year while visiting family I paid my grandmother a visit and while I was there showed her my newest tattoo. To help you better see the humor in this, I have to paint you a bit of a picture of my life pre-moving away from home: I grew up in a Christian family steeped in old-fashioned beliefs and values. With that being said I’m sure you can understand that not all of my family members see tattoos as acceptable body art or a great thing to have. Despite my family’s opinions (and what the Bible says) I went ahead and started my journey down the tatted-up trail and haven’t stopped yet. Back to the story, while visiting my Granny I showed her my newest tattoo and as expected, her face dropped. Ironically, she said to me the exact same thing posted on the front of this card. When I saw this I laughed like hell and my mind immediately went back to November 2011 when this incident occurred.

With the straightest face my Granny looked at me and said, “Che’mar that’s why the bible is a book. You’re supposed to read it, live by it and carry it around not get it tattooed all over you!”. Gotta love grandparents! Once she was done talking I broke out into a pretty hysterical laughter before she continued; “Ain’t nobody playin’ with you! You told me you weren’t gonna get anymore. Just because they have to do with Jesus don’t make ’em okay!”. With that, my laughter continued and my Granny shook her head and continued on with her life. I think my Granny thinks I’m one of those people who believes if you get a cross tattoo or shit like, “only God can judge me” I’m excused from the wrath of Christ. I’m really not one of those people but it really humors me that some people (my loving Granny specifically) think so.

Ok, that was my random flashback of the quarter. Have a great day everyone! 🙂


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