Skool Sucks says Wildfox

Well aren’t these just adorable! I love tees and hoodies that put my emotions on display. Now that I’m an adult I try to steer clear of tops that are overly vulgar due to the sideways looks they tend to attract; who would’ve guessed that people can listen to smutty music all day and curse like sailors but if you see the words “fuck”, “shit” or “bitch” on a tee shirt its cause to get uncomfortable? I just don’t get it. Oh well!

These cute hoodies by Wildfox offer big, bold print that clearly express how 99% of us students in the world feel about school. I love it! This could make for a pretty nice back-to-school gift for your college bound friend, girlfriend or whoever. At first glance the price seems a bit steep until you take a moment to really think about it. Wildfox “Skool Sucks” hoodie: $118, having your teachers know exactly how you feel about that pop-quiz: priceless!


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