New Music! “Superluva” (remix) Starshell feat. Kan’Ye West and Big Sean

Nearly two years ago singer/songwriter Starshell entered the music scene with her techno style song “Superluva”. After being musically dormant since the release of the original track, Starshell is back with a remix to her first (and only) single. Maybe her lack of album or released songs has something to do with other projects like co-writing tracks for Kan’Ye and Mary J. Blige keeping her busy. Either way, she’s back with new music and that’s all the matters. This track has been circulating in cyber space for a little while now but only the version plagued with tags and Clue-like DJs talking all over the damn beat were available for listeners until now. The “Superluva” remix features hip-hop’s biggest crybaby (Kan’Ye West) and Big Sean and much to no surprise, this tack is hot! As always Kan’Ye did an amazing job with this beat and his verse was on point.

Big Sean on the other hand did surprise me. I’d never been a big fan of this guy despite the fact that he was from Detroit. Until very recently I’d always felt like this guy was hyped up and my hometown peoples treated his music like it was our saving grace; as if! With all of those biases in mind on top of his generally shitty flow I wrote him off as just another Detroit rapper until now. After spending a little time in the game Big Sean has improved a lot! No more awful metaphors or trying too hard to rap like someone else. Big Sean has a voice, style and flow all his own and I must admit it’s pretty nice. I’m not knocking Kan’Ye (this time) or trying to hype him up but it takes a lot to be able to stand on a track with Mr. West and not be completely overshadowed. In the past, Big Sean learned that lesson (listen to “Don’t Look Down”, G.O.O.D Music if you don’t believe me) but clearly took notes and went home and practiced; I love it! With all of that being said, here’s “Superluva” remix for your listening pleasure!

“Superluva” remix, Starshell feat. Kan’Ye West and Big Sean download


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