love when classical music and hip-hop are combined. I don’t know how but classical music brings out a different side to hip-hop when applied appropriately. It’s almost like the sense of drama the orchestra instruments serve up help bring out the raw emotion buried within the lyrics. Not just any rapper can perform with an orchestra but luckily for us, Yasiin Bey (the rapper formerly known as Mos Def) isn’t just any ole rapper. With the help of the Brooklyn Philharmonic, Bey with his signature red mic in hand, gave a very rousing hip-hop/orchestra performance at Restoration Park; a pretty well-known spot in his hometown of Bed-Stuy. The musical styling provided by the Brooklyn Philharmonic really helped to bring Yasiin’s lyrics to life; did I mention he still managed to ride the beat like there was nothing? I love it! Here’s the video of Yasiin Bey and Brooklyn Philharmonic performing “Life in Marvelous Times” for your viewing and listening pleasure! Enjoy!

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