Father’s Day Gift Guide

With Father’s Day fast approaching I’ve decided to post another gift guide. This Hallmark holiday has always been a bit of a drag for me; not because I don’t care about my dad or anything, but because it’s always proved to be damn difficult to get my dad a good gift. I mean really, what do you get for a man who has everything he wants and needs no more junk to clutter up his closet or garage? Ever year this holiday has me stumped and I totally wreck my brain trying to get my dad an awesome gift and unless my dad has been bullshiting me for many years, I’ve always been successful at my mission! With this in mind, take a look at this list below if you’re stumped on what to get pop’s this Father’s Day. Sure, you can get him a boring watch or an ugly ass tie he’ll probably never wear, but I promise he’ll like these things a lot better!

Beer Making Kit, $40-$150

The New iPad, $599

House Slippers, $30

Television Box Set, $30+

Amazing Gifts of the Month Club, $30-$200, *Jeanious Pick* I got this for my dad last year and he loved it! It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Chose from categories like beer, ties, dinner and a movie, pasta, steak, create your own variety club and many more! Pick the set the best suits your dad, input his address and you’re done! Shipping and handling each month is covered and there’s no hassle!

Omaha Steaks, $40-$179, *Jeanious Pick* Another quick, easy and tasty gift for a dad that enjoys quality steak and loves to cook. My parent’s got me this last year for Christmas; I still thank them.

Beatbox by Dr. Dre, $400

Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Headphones, $300

Personalized Pocket Knife, $25

Gas Grill w/Side and Rear Bumper, $200

Season Sports Tickets, visit NBA.comNFL.com or MLB.com for pricing

Personalized iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Portfolio, $100

Photo Cuff Links, $25 *Jeanious Pick* Great for a dad with a little girl!

No matter what you decide to get dad, don’t forget to grab him a card. The Hallmark store has a pretty nice selection of Father’s Day cards that send the whole, “thanks for being a great dad!” message without being sappy or frilly.


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