Rule The World: One Tee At A Time

Here’s another contest for the artists out there. In the growing world of DIY tee’s and sites like Esty, a new company on the block is trying their hand at helping the little guy get exposure while still appealing to what the consumers want as far as styles go. Rule the World (RTW) Shirts is a clothing company that allows you to design your own tee’s and with hope, trust and a little pixie dust your design will be printed! Yay!

Seriously though, no pixie dust is involved this go ’round. Once you upload your design your peers get the opportunity to vote on the designs that they like the best; the ones that come out on top will be printed and distributed. Where does that leave you the designer you wonder? Instead of some boring prize on top of the obvious bragging rights you’ll actually receive a percentage of the funds made from your design! How cool is that? Draw a sweet design, something that people like, and get paid for it; sounds simple to me! The even cooler part is that RTW is based in the mega-producer country of the world (China) and if your design really catches on, you’ll have a chance at getting some real publicity that might help you take your design game to a whole new level (if you’re interested). The last and probably most awesome thing about this “contest”, there’s no expiration date! RTW takes in new designs all year ’round and there’s no limit on how many designs you can submit.

So, all of you wannabe tee-shirt designers out there that dream of making it big, grab your pens, pencils and drawing pad and hop to it! The link below will take you to RTW’s official site and get you all of the other information you’ll need. Best of luck to you!

Rule The World Shirts


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