New-New Video! “Princess of China”, Coldplay and Rihanna

The prayers of us eager fans have been answered! Coldplay has finally released and official video for their single, “Princess of China” featuring Rihanna. I still love this song just as much as I did when it was first released at the Grammy’s but this video has added a whole new flair to the song; I love it!

Sorry if I sound like a total groupie type fan but as I’ve said in other posts, despite the fact that I talk shit about her I love Rihanna and Coldplay is a pretty awesome band; these two together equals musical genius and much to no surprise, this video was equally as impressive.

The snippet I posted a couple of months ago for “Princess of China” offered a pretty decent sneak-peek into what the full video had to offer. This video presents the tale of the “Princess of China” as an actual movie which made the video sort of cool. This avenue helped offer more of a fairy tale vibe that any other introduction wouldn’t have conveyed. Our princess, Rihanna is as lovely as ever in her Chinese style Geisha ensembles with matching hair and make-up. Although her costumes for this video were vibrant and colorful, they really held true to traditional Geisha attire in general modesty and style. Coldplay lead singer and front man Chris Martin also held true to a very traditional style in this video. Initially he makes his entrance in some pretty ragged scrubs but transitions into traditional Chinese attire as well. The styling featured in this video were all around kick-ass. Traditional to a fault while still maintaining modern style and making a statement; loved it! All of this on top of Samurai sword fights, ninjas, a “princess” and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon style aerial acrobatics all make for a lovely fairy tale. Love it! Now, without further adieu, here’s “Princess of China” for your viewing pleasure. For real this time. 🙂 Enjoy!

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