Funny Money

I know this is super nerdy and probably sort of lame, but on the rare occasions I use cash and receive change I love getting dollar bills that have little stamps and faces and shit on them. It’s like that little piece of paper has personality unlike its billions of siblings. Personally though I’ve never drawn on a dollar; I have this weird fear that it’s considered defacing money and I’ll get kicked out of the Army and locked up for such a vile crime, lol.

This guy on the other hand who clearly doesn’t have that silly fear took these powerful strips of paper and used them as his portable canvas’. Artist Sean Monaghan took these bills ranging from the ever popular $1 bill on up to its big brother the $20 bill and gave them all very unique personalities, kind of. Most of these bills feature the “faces” of famous people throughout our times that are more fun to look at that than the stoic faces of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. A few of the dollars on the other hand feature the same Presidents with some pretty sick ramifications, like gunshot wounds. Not my favorite look for a politician but hey! It’s still art! Take a look at the gallery below. If you manage to wind up with one of these dollar bills keep it, it may be worth even more than face value one day!


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