New Video! “No Church In The Wild”, Jay-Z and Kan’Ye West

With the creative guidance of French director Romain Garvas, Jay-Z and Kan’Y West released a video for their hit song “No Church In The Wild” from their collaborative album Watch The Throne. Despite my disappointment in the track itself, I really liked the video! Sorry, but it just became hard for me to listen to this song at all since Joe Budden spit a crafty freestyle that showed this amazing beat some real justice; if you haven’t heard it yet, it’s featured on this blog as well. Anyway, back to the video!

Like I was saying, the video for “No Church In The Wild” is actually pretty good; Yeezy and Jay totally chose the perfect man to direct this bit of hip-hop cinema. Romain Garvas is known all over for his raw, gritty and socially inept videos/films  and didn’t let anyone down with this new piece. With minimal coloring, greyish lighting, cops, dogs and hoses “No Church In The Wild”  completely drove home the principle that the title suggests. In addition to the mild shock factor, this video also held true to the artistic craze Kan’Ye has been on lately with many shots of striking angelic sculptures; how ironic, no church in the wild yet angels are all over watching. 🙂 Also, I couldn’t help but notice that the limelight-loving Kan’Ye didn’t make an appearance at all in the video nor did his “big brother”. A shock at first, but with the nature of the video its was fitting; Jay is way too grown to get be involved in a riot and Lord knows ‘Ye wouldn’t want to scuff up his Balenciaga sneakers. Lastly, despite the molotov cocktails and riots, the violence in the video actually made a statement rather than serving as a reckless brawl. I loved it! Either way, the video was still pretty damn awesome; I don’t say this often but up’s to Kan’Ye (and Jay of course)! Here’s “No Church In The Wild” for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!

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