New Video! “Daughters”, Nas

Nas released a video to accompany his latest track “Daughters”, and what a precious video it is indeed! Nas and his daughter Destiny came together to make a pretty adorable yet very personable video. The video for “Daughters” didn’t paint a “daddy/daughter” relationship to be a bed of roses and fell in line perfectly with the song’s straight forward lyrics. I love it! Perhaps “precious” and “adorable” weren’t the best adjectives to describe this video, but tf you’re a guy with a daughter or in my case, a daughter with a daddy (not a father or dad, but a daddy; daddy’s are different and any girl with one can relate) you’ll understand what I was getting at.

The majority of this video was shot through the little girl’s point of view which was pretty cool and helped shine a different light on the songs message. When you’re a little girl and have to look up at the world around you, your daddy particularly, everything seems so different. Your daddy is the biggest man on the planet to you and by default he must be the strongest. When you’re knee-high to a grass hopper your daddy is Super Man (or Batman, :-)) as far as your eyes can see and life is awesome! What girl wouldn’t want their caped crusader to jump to their aid when in need or simply just because? Once the little girl grows up however, things change and boy do they change a lot! No more looking up to daddy, the two are eye level in a way and Destiney no longer sees Super Man but instead an annoying  guy that’s always in her space, complaining about something and flat-out trying to ruin her life. No more does your hero jump to protect you from the evil things like monsters under the bed or Dracula in the closet; Super Dad instead turns his focus and powers to protecting you from enemies that aren’t so bad like boys and other elements of the real world. The conversations go from, “Sure! You can wear your blue sweater today” to “No! You are not wearing that to school!” and “That boy only wants one thing! And it’s not to copy your math notes!”. I swear, once a girl hits a certain age the daddy’s on this planet lose their minds and suddenly seem to think the entire world (not to mention every boy who walks the face of it) is after their daughter and wants something from them. To think, people say girls are conceited, I think daddy’s are worse.

As you can probably tell, I can relate to this video and totally see where Destiny was coming. Now that I’m older, I can even understand where Nas and all daddy’s alike are coming from with this shit, but Lord knows no daddy will ever see where we’re coming from. I can just hear daddy’s all over agreeing with Nas’ seemingly overbearing parenting. Why daddys? Why? Seriously, loosen your grip daddy’s. Yes, we know you never are going to think anyone is ever good enough for us. Yes, we know that you only want whats best for us and for the love of God yes, we know it’s only because you care, but relax! Limiting our activities, attire and trying to regulate isn’t going to change a damn thing, it’s only going to make you bald and wrinkly faster. Not that I’m trying to tell anyone how to raise their little princesses’ but here’s a message daddy’s, from me to you: You can try your best to raise your daughter. You can give her everything her heart desires, provide a great home, great education and many luxuries but that doesn’t mean we (the daughters) will turn out the way you want. No matter how great of a job you do as a dad, we are still going to make our own decisions. Yes, you can raise up a child in the way he/she should go and in theory they will not stray from it but sometimes, just sometimes, they do. It’s not your fault though daddy’s. God gave us all free will and your pride and joy was not exempt from this heavenly handout so don’t beat yourself up if she deviates from the path. On the flip side though, if you do raise your daughter and be a pretty decent daddy despite the straying, bad decisions, mistakes, trials and errors she will come back around. 🙂

Ok! That was my PSA for the week. With all of that being said, here’s “Daughters” for your viewing pleasure!

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