New Music! “Pride N Joy”, Fat Joe feat. Kan’Ye West and Miguel

It’s been a while since Fat Joe has put out anything really worth listening to, but this new track, “Pride N Joy” caught my ear. The former Terror Squad front man recruited quite the team for this single. Kan’Ye West put his talents to work on the beat and brought back his autotune sound for the hook (with a little assistance from Miguel) while Mos Def, Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss and Roscoe Dash joined together for the chant like secondary hook. This is quite the mix for Joey Crack; guess he’s trying to make a pretty major comeback.

“Pride N Joy” carries a pretty simple message that many rappers can’t seem to stay away from; having dozens of women but trying to convince one “special” one that she’s more important than the rest while preaching the whole “what’s mine is ours” sermon. I’ll never understand it; if you’re going to have more than one chick is it really necessary to try to convince a certain one that she’s “the one”? If she was so special, wouldn’t you stop fuckin’ around with groupies and play house with her? Whatever. Not my scene. Anyway, despite the corny content, the track is pretty good. Simple beat, decent flow and catchy. With all of that being said, here’s “Pride N Joy” for your listening pleasure!

“Pride N Joy”, Fat Joe feat. Kan’Ye West and Miguel download


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