Straight to the Banksy

After the destruction of one of his famous works of art in Australia, it seems like famed artist Banksy has been keeping himself busy with a few new projects. Recently, he debuted a series of moderately conventional paintings as well as by sticking true to his “the world is my canvas” attitude with a few more oddly located tags. How fun!

Prior to seeing these images I’d never known that Banksy actually painted. It’s cool when artists can switch between mediums like that. I think it helps the artist to be more well-received by the world around them. Of course some people love Banksy and his graffiti but it’s hard to capture the attention of a different type of audience and have their voice be heard by more than just taggers and skateboards. With these paintings however, the voice of Banksy can be heard loud and clear and able to reach a new crowd. I love it!

The masterpieces below cover a wide range of emotions and topics. One painting in particular, “Lifestyle Out of Order” seem to send the message that a boring, more conventional and historically socially acceptable way of life isn’t fit for anyone and a tad played out. Another piece, “Parliament” paints pretty clearly what seem to be Banksy’s views on politics. With the raw message amplified by more conventional means rather than masked as expected, these pieces are sure to be worth thousands one day (if they’re not already) and remembered for years to come. With that being said, take a look at the gallery below and see a different side of one of the coolest artists ever, Banksy. Enjoy!



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