New Music! “Exodus 23:1”, Pusha T feat. The Dream

Still holding true to his recent string of bible based tracks and albums, Pusha T with a little help from The Dream opted to add his two cents on G.O.O.D Music’s upcoming album “Cruel Summer”. “Exodus 23:1” most definitely isn’t my favorite track from Push, but I guess it gets the job done.

Perhaps it’s the jeanious side of me taking over but I got a bit lost in this track. First, the subject matter had nothing to do with the scripture he chose to use as the title (in case you’re interested, the scripture states, “Do not spread false reports. Do not help a wicked man by being a malicious witness”) and this particular song is a bit darker than what I’m used to from him. “Exodus 23:1” gives more of a “Life After Death” (Biggie) vibe than anything I’ve heard from Pusha before; odd. Not necessarily bad, but odd. Maybe after his brother No Malice gave his life to Christ the little brother tried to also get in The Word but took a different approach. What ever works to get you to the gospel I guess.

Aside from the fairly dark overall vibe, this track was pretty okay. Again, definitely a big change for Pusha T but not bad and without The Dream wailing and cluttering up the track with his falsettos “Exodus 23:1” is actually pretty listenable. Take a listen and draw an opinion for yourself. Here’s “Exodus 23:1” for your listening pleasure! I apologize in advance for the song being edited; it’s the only version that’s been released/leaked so far. When the raw and uncut versions makes its way to cyberspace, check back for an update. Enjoy!

“Exodus 23:1”, Pusha T feat. The Dream Download



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