iPlay Guitar

In case I haven’t expressed this random bit of pointless info yet, I somewhat recently switched to an iPhone from an Android. No, I didn’t switch for a faster phone, better service, reception or any other sensible reason; I noticed all of the cool shit that was designed exclusively for the iPhone and couldn’t live without one anymore! Ever since I joined the dark side I’ve been happy as a kid at Toys R Us! It’s amazing all the random and semi-pointless gadgets manufacturers make for the iPhone but they sure are a lot of fun!

Cali-based company Incident Technologies developed the gTar; a user-friendly guitar that appeals to the wannabe rock star in all of us. The gTar houses your iPhone in a compartment on the right side of the plastic guitar and uses LED lights to send finger strokes to your phone to decode the notes you’re playing and actually produce sound. Wow! In addition, the gTar app features dozens of songs that you can play on “easy”, “medium” and “hard” mode to take you from being all thumbs to a regular Jimi Hendrix. Dude! It’s like a real-life version of Guitar Hero! I love it! The guitar kicked my ass when I tried to learn to play it legitimately but those sore fingers and pesky picks will be a thing of the past once I get one of these! The gTar has not yet hit the market but after reaching their start-up goal in less that 24 hours it’s well on its way to a store near you! Here’s the Kickstarter link if you want to add to the pot. The video below shows how awesome the gTar is as well as the general mechanics of this awesome instrument. Set aside a cool $449 and look out for the gTar at an electronics store near you!


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