It’s been a while since I’ve posted something uplifting so I’d like to take a moment to do so now. Today’s bit of inspiration comes from one of the coolest street artists ever, Banksy. This simple picture with an even simpler message serves a reminder to be kind to others, even when said others are being complete assholes.

Often times I find it difficult to be nice to certain people; you know, the assholes, jerks, pig-headed losers of the world. It feels like I’m wasting my kindness on someone who clearly doesn’t want it and that it could be better spent on someone who would appreciate it. As much as I like to tell myself that, I know it’s not true. From personal experience I’ve learned that the people who it’s hardest to be nice to generally need it the most. The people who are hardest to love need it more than anyone else. The person that it’s hardest to smile at truly needs it more than others. None of us know the demons are friends, family members and battle buddies are fighting against but that  gives us no excuse to make their fight any harder. Yes, I understand that it’s hard to be kind to someone that’s a prick all of the time, but we never know what that prick is going through and more importantly, we never know what that bit of kindness will do for that person. Think about it, if someone is truly on the edge and hanging on by a thread, who’s to know that a genuine smile or a simple “good morning!” isn’t the only thing keeping them hanging on?

If you find yourself able to squeeze a smile through all of the bullshit that life throws at you, you’re stronger than many people out there. Use your strength to uplift someone else. What good is Super Man if he keeps all of his power to himself? None. The same holds true for you. If you have it in you to be kind to someone else, no matter how hard it may be, do it. Your kindness could be all that’s keeping the next man afloat, remember that. Have a great day everyone! 🙂


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