Darth Vader Gets A Ticket

First, Batman was pulled over for his Bat-plates and now Darth Vader was hit with a parking ticket, lol. Maybe it’s just me, but you would think law enforcement officals would stay away from those with super powers, lol. No I’m totally joking, but seriously! I love it when fictional characters run into real life problems. It sort of jogs the imagination and plays into the “what if?” factor you plague yourself with as a kid.

On a sunny seemingly normal day we find our evil crusader squabbling with a police officer over a parking ticket that he believes was unfair. Clearly, this isn’t the “real” Darth Vader (as if there were a real one) judging by the thick New York accent but it’s still pretty damn funny. After haggling with the police officers for a while a couple of armed Storm Troopers appear to offer him some backup. Sadly, the dispute was to no avail and Darth Vader and his crew marched back over to continue whatever they were doing as a random New York citizen offered to pay his ticket. Wow. I know that Darth Vader isn’t real and honestly, I know absolutely nothing about Star Wars but why didn’t Vader use “the force” to toss the cop?  Isn’t that what he’s known for? Even if it didn’t work that would’ve been pretty funny to watch; a random guy in a Darth Vader suit trying to use “the force”, lol. Anyway, here’s the silly video for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!

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