Art By Brick

To continue their Off Book series the creative minds over at PBS compiled this short film to show what really goes on in the mind of the Lego Artists (or Lego Engineers, depending on the structure). I find it totally amazing that these guys can seriously make damn near anything using those tiny blocks that are only available in thirteen colors. I’m no artist, but I can’t imagine creating a true masterpiece with such limited supplies; these guys however do it and do it well. “Lego Art” features three interviews with three different Lego Artists with three very different skills sets. One guy creates lovely family portraits and kid friendly statues that capture the awesomeness of the world in a way that only Legos can. The second guy creates stop movement films with the use of those tiny blocks and little Lego dudes that have just as much personality as their living counterparts. The final guy is a hardcore contemporary artists that takes what is commonly considered a children’s toy to create striking statues that send a real message.

Lego art is one of the coolest things ever. It takes a creative mind, a bit of ingenuity and major attention to detail to take tiny plastic blocks and turn them into stunning works of art. A more conventional artist can use paints, pastels and pencils to create a beautiful picture. A director can use CGI, a skilled staff and camera tricks to create a block buster film while a sculptor can take clay and a model to create a breath-taking sculpture. Taking nothing away from those three it takes something more to be a Lego Artist. With that being said, here’s “Lego Art” for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!

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