The Evolution of Hip-Hop

I saw this comic yesterday and thought it was funny; tragic, but funny. It really pains me how hip-hop has evolved over time. How did we go from Grandmaster Flash, Slick Rick, Rakim and some of my personal favorites NWA, 2Pac and Biggie on up to the bullshit that’s made its way to the radio today? Soulja Boy, Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, Waka Flocka and the rest of the skinny jeans regime have not only killed hip-hop, but murdered the iconic culture once associated with it as well. I mean seriously, how tough can you be wearing skinny jeans? How many hoes can you possibly get when you’re busy stealing the hoe’s jeans? I don’t know about these young chicks but I can’t date a man who wears his jeans like I wear mine; it’s just not natural.

What ever happened to the essence of hip-hop? I know the above mentioned losers didn’t kill it all by themselves. What happened to lines with bite, hot beats and raw freestyles? At what point did “Black and yellow! Black and yellow! Black and yellow! Black and yellow!” or a guy in a top hat singing about a broad in Apple Bottom jeans and boots with fur become hot? What happened to the real shit like “Hit Em Up”, “Ether” and “Takeover” and social conscience tracks like “Little Weapon”, “Juicy” and “Ghetto Gospel”? Personally, I think the execution of my love (hip-hop) was a strategic and well planned assassination rather than an all out murder. It seems like after a while real modern-day emcees like Lil Wayne, Kan’Ye West, Kid Cudi (when he’s not overly stoned), Jay-Z and Lupe Fiasco  started to crave the glitz and glam of the hollywood lifestyle rather than sticking true to their roots. It was then my love’s heartbeat started to grow faint and with a pair of skinny jeans, a butterfly/star tattoo on her face, a skateboard and a pair of boots with fur she was put six feet under. An essence was taken from this earth but not from the hearts of many. I want to truly thank those that are keeping real hip-hop alive in memory, spirit and in the physical (ie, good rappers like the ones mention in list #2 and Joe Budden, Beanie Sigel, etc. that still put out real shit and all those that help bring it all to the forefront). On the flip side, if you’re one of the ones responsible for my hip-hop’s death: hang up the mic or join my love. 🙂 Anyway, that was my PSA for the week! Here’s the comic that lead to this tirade. Enjoy!


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