The Amazing Spider Man, trailer

First things first, in case you’re not already aware “The Amazing Spider Man” is a completely new take on the life and times of Spider Man; not a sequel to the previous films. This movie will shine a little light into the dark, somewhat mysterious life and until story of New York’s favorite hero. As Spidey begins his quest to learn the truth about his parents he’s stuck juggling a relationship (as always) while still expected to be the protector of the big apple. “The Amazing Spider Man” features a completely different cast than that other Spider Man flicks (as it should) so I’m really counting on something new and amazing from this sure to be hit.

Prior to the release of the “Spider Man” series I’d never known much about the masked hero other than he’d been bitten by a spider and from that bite he developed a spidey sense (how does that work anyway? Does some sort of alarm go off in Parker’s head to let him know that trouble is near?) as well as heightened agility and strength. It wasn’t until my battle buddy began to enlighten me on all that I really didn’t know about Peter Parker and that the first three movies weren’t entirely accurate. With the limited knowledge I had, I really enjoy those three! Especially the one with Venom; he’s awesome! After being introduced to the comic truth though, I’m really looking forward to the 3 July 2012 release of “The Amazing Spider Man”. It seems worlds cooler than the previous three because it has a much darker edge which can be seen in the trailer below and because this one, in theory will follow more closely with the comic series. Here’s hoping! With that being said, here’s the official trailer for “The Amazing Spider Man” for your viewing pleasure!

Update: An “exclusive” preview of  “The Amazing Spider Man” has been released! Read on to have a look. 

This four minute sneek peek expands on the trailer that can be seen above. This time though we get to see Spidy actually doing what he does best: saving the innocent from peril. Here’s the super exclusive, high speed and totally awesome sneak peek of “The Amazing Spider Man” (due to hit the big screen on 3 July 2012) for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!

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