Snow White and The Huntsman Art Contest

Here’s a fun contest for those of you that are artistically inclined! Universal Studios is on the hunt for fan art based on the upcoming film, Snow White and The Huntsman. The rules are simple and the grand prize (although simple as well) is bound to bring along some good publicity. The art submission must be original, must be emailed in .jpeg format and the submissions may not have recognizable likeness of the film stars. In other words, feel free to draw the Evil Queen just don’t make her look like Charlize Theron. The submissions may take the form of any artistic medium and up to ten winners will be selected. The winners of this contest will have their work featured in a pop-up gallery along side the work of some pretty prominent LA based artists as well as the Oscar-winning costume designer behind Snow White and The Huntsman, Colleen Atwood. All submissions must be in no later than 11 May 2012. Winners will be announced on 14 May 2012 in plenty of time for the film’s 1 June 2012 debut. If you’re up for the challenge get your pastels, pencils and paints ready and send your work as well as contact information to: If you need to draw a little inspiration for your creation, the trailer for Snow White and The Huntsman can be seen here. Good luck!


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