New Music! “Get Rich or Die Trying” Obie Trice feat. Bilal

Detroit’s own Obie Trice is really cranking them out these days; first a mixtape last month (download link available if you haven’t yet heard it) and now a new single to make way for another. “Get Rich or Die Trying” featuring Bilal will be featured on his newest mixtape The Hangover which is due to us next month. Obie has come a long way in hip-hop. I remember his first annoying single “Got Some Teeth” and writing him off as another shitty Detroit rapper (I love my city dearly but sometimes we don’t put out the best hip-hop) until he came back to the game after being shot with “Cry Now”. I was completely blown away by that track and actually started to like him! I’m not an advocate for violence but if it takes getting shot to turn a soft emcee into a hard-core hip-hopper then perhaps a couple of bullets aren’t so bad… psych; violence is never the answer; but I must admit that it makes for hits!

Anyway, back to the track at hand, “Get Rich or Die Trying” has some pretty good lines, a simple beat and overall sends the message that Obie, like any true-born and raised Detroiter, will hustle until his pockets get fat or straight up die trying. I love it! Aside from Bilal’s irritating ass voice the track is pretty good. It’s defiantly no “Cry Now” but it’s nothing at all like the bullshit he released on his first album. All in all, I like it! Click the download link below to catch a listen and look out for The Hangover next month. Enjoy!

“Get Rich or Die Trying”, Obie Trice feat. Bilal Download

“Bottoms Up” Mixtape Download


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