New Music! “Vampire Life 2” Mixtape, Jim Jones

Before I begin, can anyone explain to me the worldwide obsession with the undead? I can’t go anywhere without hearing shit about vampires, werewolf, goons, gobelins and zombies. I just don’t get it; is it no longer cool to be alive? Whatever, not my speed. Anyway, apparently Jim Jones has joined the undead clan and walks the earth as a vampire with one mission and one mission only: to suck the life out of hip-hop. Well Jimmy, I’m happy to report that you’ve succeeded!

“Vampire Life 2” features some pretty hot beats but not a damn thing else. Since this Dip Set gangsta crossed over to the dark side (and became a vampire) his tough lines about crime, drugs and violence aren’t exactly believable nor do they have any bite; perhaps he’s leaving the biting up to his fangs. To further piss off the  intelligent listener, in true Jim Jones style, this undead monster throws out alliterations and random terms like its his job. “Capo status!” I could follow and “Dip Set!” was truly a set all it’s own but what the fuck is this “vampire life!” shit about? The word lost doesn’t begin to describe my confusion.

After not releasing a studio album in a little over three years I truly expected better than what this mixtape has to offer. Silly me for having high standards from this Dip Set veteran. With that being said, check out the download below to cop Jim Jones ‘ new mixtape “Vampire Life 2”.

“Vampire Life 2” Mixtape, Jim Jones


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