A Shining Ape

With a little help from Japanese retailer Zozotown, Bape will soon be releasing a retro-style line of classics such as tee’s and beanies with a bit of a twist. To celebrate the happy three-year union between the Bathing Ape and Zozotown, this limited edition line will feature Swarovski crystals. As frilly as it may sound, this blacked-out line is actually pretty nice; enough crystal to offer some shine and appeal but not over-feminine or girly; I love it! As always however, guys get all the cool shit. With the exception of the trucker hat, beanie and bag (none of which I’m interested in) the clothes to be featured in this extra special line are limited to men’s sizes only; guess I’m stuck with the key chain. Oh well. This line has no official release date yet but if you want to get it before it’s gone I suggest pre-ordering from Zozotown; make sure you have a Japanese handbook and yen currency exchange calculator handy!



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