New Video! “Where Have You Been”, Rihanna

Finally, after three behind the scenes videos Rihanna released the completed version of her newest video, “Where Have You Been”. Based on what was shown in the behind the scenes videos I expected something almost entirely different from this video. Rather than the dance hall/club scenes I was expecting, Rihanna traveled the world and the seven seas (more about that in a sec) to find he who she has been searching for. As the video begins, the star can be found lurking below sea level as though she’s a mermaid. As odd as it sounds, it was sort of cool. Despite the mermaid-ness, it wasn’t weird or Little Mermaid like, it was more like the mermaids that were featured in Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (if you haven’t seen it, you should, it’s awesome). Once she surfaced, Rihanna and her skilled team of dancers brought the song to life with an almost tribal background and equally fitting attire; I loved it! It’s been quite some time since Rihanna blended some serious choreography into one of her videos and couldn’t have picked a better song to start back up. Ok! Enough of that, here’s the video for “Where Have You Been” for your viewing pleasure!

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