New Music! “Daughters”, Nas

Nas drops another single from his upcoming album, Life Is Good. On this new track, “Daughters”, Nas raps about every fathers worst nightmare: his little girl winding up with some guy that he deems is not good enough for her. By coming to grips with his own past and embracing the old saying about throwing stones while living in a glass house, Mr. Jones tries to be logical regarding his daughter’s choice in men and not go too crazy on the guy in question, or get too upset at his daughter. Even after acknowledging all of that, his attempt to remain un-bias is to no avail; he still wants to beat up this mystery man and nearly goes berserk at the thought of his daughter growing up. Gotta love dads. As always, Nas carried out this message in an eloquent and rather poetic fashion while still driving home the point, “when she date/we wait behind the door with a sawed off /’cause we think no one is good enough for our daughters”. With that being said, here’s “Daughters” for your listening pleasure!



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