Elite Sneakers

With the NBA playoffs tipping off in less than 24-hours, Nike has modified three of their most popular basketball shoes to give those battling for the top spot on the court a more competitive edge. The Elite Series Gold Pack features the Lebron 9 PS, Kobe VII and Hyperdunks with a series of seemingly modest updates to offer optimal wear and performance as well as a new colorway that makes the kicks look pretty snazzy. Nike designers have laced these kicks with flywire (which is made from Kevlar), carbon fiber and Nike Pro Combat technology to enhance these sneakers and make them even more comfortable and able to stand up to tough game play. With all this talk of carbon fibers and Kevlar it sounds like Nike is designing a new rifle for us rather than a few pairs of kicks for basketball players; who knew bullet-proof material could have more practical uses other than deflecting bullets? I know they call the playoffs a battle but damn!

After delving further into the practical uses of these heavy-duty materials it seems like these sneakers offer some pretty cool perks. First, with the use of flywire these special pairs of sneakers are noticeably lighter due to less material being needed to build the shoe. Also, the use of their Pro Combat technology the three shoes offered in this limited edition pack are expected to be worlds more comfortable overall.

These redesigned favorites will be available on 28 April 2012 at Nike’s online store for $200 a pop. Sadly though, the cool collectors box featured in the pictures below will not accompany your new on-court buddies; that part of the design is for marketing purposes only.


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