Picture Perfect Proposal

As you all know, I love my hometown and will always post anything that happens back home to help you all see the beauty, awesomeness and flyness that makes Detroit the best city on earth!

Last month, Tizzie Onderko was made one of the happiest women on earth when her loving boyfriend (now fiance) asked her to marry him. No; flowers, chocolates and dude being down on bended knee wasn’t going to cut it for this guy in love. Instead, he took a few cans of spray paint and a lot of skill and created a graffiti style mural to ask his lady for her hand in style. I love it! Just like the picture-guy’s hoodie says, “Detroit hustles hard”. damn straight we do! We hustle hard and love hard! This work of love and art can be found at Detroit’s Eastern Market (by the way, while you’re marveling at this mural, grab some of the chicken wings they sell inside the market place or one of the sandwich from the sandwich shop, they’re amazing!). I really found this to be a heart-warming story. In such a “unique” city, sometimes it’s hard to find a bit of goodness amidst all of the madness, but with stuff like this going on right under your nose, how can you not think Detroit is awesome?

Moving on, as any bride-to-be would do, Tizze decided to submit her soon-to-be’s work in a wedding contest; vote for them here to help them get the amazing wedding they deserve. Congrats to the happy couple, and here’s the video for your viewing pleasure!


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