New Video! “Princess of China”, Coldplay feat. Rihanna

I’ve been jammin’ to this track ever since Coldplay and Rihanna performed it at the Grammy’s. Call me a crazed fan, but since falling in love with the song I’ve been awaiting the release of the video. About a month ago Rihanna posted pictures of her “gangsta goth geisha” costume on her Twitter page but as Ms. Fenty tends to do, offered no real insight into when the video would be completed or what was to be expected. The crazy-long gold “nails” and black dress as well as the broken-hearted lyrics led me to believe that the video for “Princess of China” would have a bit of a dark vibe. Is it just me, or have Rihanna’s last few songs (starting with “Russian Roulette” on Rated R all the way up to “Fool In Love” on her latest album) pretain to broken hearts, abusive relationships and sticking around despite the bruises? Oh well. Everyone has to move past their dark times some way I guess. Either way, despite what’d I’d initially expected “Princess of China” features vibrant colors and happy times. Despite the change of pace, I really liked the video! Rihanna’s costumes and makeup were simply beautiful and truly captivated the  vibe of a geisha while maintaining a modern flair.

The only thing that gives me pause about this video is the fact that the song picks up at the halfway mark; right when Rihanna’s verse kicks in. It’s been debated that this isn’t the entire video but at this point, who cares! If the mega-group Coldplay decides to release a more completed version of the video I will most certainly post it, but for now, here’s “Princess of China” by Coldplay featuring Rihanna for your viewing pleasure! Also, here are the purchasing and downloading links if you’d like to add this track to your music library. Enjoy!


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