Procreation Proximity

I know that certain things are colloquial, but I never thought sex was one of them. Sure, it’s possible that you once you move away from your native hometown you miss out on your favorite foods like my beloved Coney Island, Big Boy, BB’s Burgers (east side thing) and Faygo pop but who would’ve guessed your odds of getting lucky (much like my odds of total starvation) increase with relocation?

Despite my initial disbelief, I’m starting to think it to be more and more true. A couple of months ago Mat Inman over at The Oatmeal drew up a single panel comic that described Sexy-time in North America but I thought that was for pure comedy; no real logic or truth behind it. This morning however while putzing around cyberspace and more specifically, Complex I discovered this infographic that describes “The Geography of Sex”. Being a woman of science and logic I decided to read the fine print at the bottom of this piece and it hit me; they’re serious about this shit! Through this funny info-pic real world statistics are used to show and proves the number of times people have sex all the way down to condom use really does vary depending on where you live. How interesting. Here’s the image below chocked full of stats and funny pictures as well as the mini-article from Complex. Where does your hometown fit in?

The Geography of Sex via Complex

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