New Video! “Carmen”, Lana Del Rey

Despite that fact that I don’t make it visible on this blog, I do love other genres of music. Hip-hop is heart and soul but in all honesty my iTunes is filled with everything from 2Pac to Nirvana to Beethoven and just about everything else in between. With that being said, I’ve decided to create a new category that should provide more artist freedom and self-expression. “Music” will feature new videos and downloads from all other musicians I find myself gravitating towards rather than just hip-hoppers like the other section. Enjoy!

Singer Lana Del Rey, who is known for her overly-simple videos and classic jazz/blues style singing voice has released a new video; “Carmen”. This dark ballad is brought to life with a very simple video featuring drugs, stripping/prostitution, alcohol and any other vices (certain) women find themselves attached to. Through the straightforward lyrics and this almost creepy video, “Carmen” drives home the point that striking looks and finesse may get you to the top, but they will not keep you there and that although sex-sells, it will not always pay your bills. Here’s “Carmen” by Lana Del Ray for your viewing pleasure!

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