New Video! “Way Too Cold”, Kan’Ye West feat. DJ Khaled

So I guess Kan’Ye West is tough now. Maybe I missed it. Anyway, until the release of this pretty uncanny video I’d actually avoided listening to Kan’Ye’s newest song “Way Too Cold”. It pains my ears to listen to this new Kan’ye; he used to be the shizz with “College Dropout” and the two albums that followed but this new guy sucks. His flow isn’t the same, he’s always whining about something and he dresses like a woman. I mean seriously, why would I want to listen to some dude yell on a track, “don’t talk about style! I’ll embarrass you!” as he wears a ladies blouse and snug trousers? No thanks ‘Ye.

This unofficial video for Kan’Ye’s latest track “Way Too Cold” (formerly known as “Theraflu”) features a little boy decked out in old-school Kan’Ye style duds roaming the streets of Rodeo Drive with what appears to be a white prostitute. Interesting. I’m sure many will disagree but I think the director Ashley Smith did Kan’Ye a great service by portraying him as a little boy in this video. I mean really, who else could capture a temper tantrum quite like ‘Ye other than a child? Big ups to little Caleb! 🙂

Moving beyond this little tyke bearing heavy burden of Kan’Ye’s ego, there were a couple of other disparities in the video that I couldn’t really grasp but since it’s Kan’Ye, I guess there’s no real need to. We all remember Kan’Ye’s rant about a certain president disliking a certain race of people, but was it really necessary to have some guy in a suit wearing a mask version of said president? I suppose this was to drive home the ever popular line, “can’t a young n**** get money anymore?”. To add idiocy to this madness, this same masked guy threw a temper tantrum along side mini-‘Ye towards the end of the video; I guess he was pissed that this young fella was getting money. Maybe I’m modest or maybe Kan’Ye really is too big for his britches, but I really don’t think President Bush and Donald Trump give a shit about Mr. West and his “money”. Maybe I’m being cynical, but I think if anyone on par with those portrayed in that video were after your money, they’d either A) have it or B) really don’t care about the Chi-Town native. If former President George W. Bush can steal a country, I’m sure if he was after West’s money he’d have it. Donald Trump has a current net worth of a little over $7 Billion towering Kan’Ye’s $70 Million. Do you still think someone is upset about your money, Kan’Ye? I wonder if Kan’Ye is aware that he and his infinite wealth didn’t make the Forbes Five Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists. After making a song like this, how does it feel to be out-stacked by the likes of 50 Cent and Birdman? Ok! Enough of that! Here’s the unofficial music video for “Way Too Cold” for your viewing pleasure!

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