“Where Have You Been” Preview

As of late, it so seems that Rihanna has been quite busy. Recently wrapping up a world tour, shooting her first full-length film “Battleship” planning another tour and still promoting Talk That Talk. Whew! Despite her packed schedule and even busier social life Rihanna found time to post a sneak peek at the music video for “Where Have You Been”. This track is one of the very few songs on her latest CD that isn’t overtly sexual and trashy so as you can imagine, I’m really looking forward to its release. This preview shows a mere dance rehearsal featuring Rihanna and her back-up crew. Although the video’s premise seems simple, I think it’s quite fitting. The dance hall meets techno style beat makes this track great to dance to so just as the singer said in the video below, “a video without choreography would be pointless”. With that being said, here’s a behind the scenes look at “Where Have You Been” for your viewing pleasure!

Update: Here’s a second behind the scenes look at the “Where Have You Been” music video. Read more to see the next video.

This video shows Rihanna and her crew getting fitted for their gear before they begin shooting the video. Hopefully, the completed product will be out for public view soon. Enjoy!

Update #2: Here’s a third and hopefully final behind the scenes peek at the makin of “Where Have You Been”. Read more to see the video. 

This third video gives an even more in depth look at the costumes Rihanna and her dancers will be dressed in for this video as well as minor clips of the vinished product. Here’s hoping that the completed video will be released soon!

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