Drugs In A Can

Wouldn’t it be a sweet day in medical advances when you can stop by a vending machine to get a refill on your prescriptions? I mean think about it; what if physicians handed out cards that carried your authorized prescriptions and you simply swipe it in a machine and you get what you need. No hassle, no chance of junkies flocking the doctor’s office and no chance of home body fiends writing themselves fake prescriptions to get high. See! A nearly perfect system!

Ok, maybe this idea is for a different decade (or maybe never with the going rate of drug abuse in this country) but artist Robert Gauldin took our shared theory and created this conceptual art project. Just as the title suggests, “Prescription Drugs In A Can” features common prescription medications in cans. To house these on-the-go drugs, Gauldin also devised a vending machine just for these unique soda style cans. Come to think of it, seeing as the narcotics mentioned here are so mainstream, it may be a bit hazardous to have them available in 12-packs. No more would we worry about drunks hanging out around the liquor store, but instead we’d be plagued with druggies loitering around the vending machine begging for a bump. Yea, scratch my previous notion…

Remember boys and girls, don’t do drugs! 🙂


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