Tupac… Alive?

Allow me to start by saying I’m one of those people who believes whole heartedly that Tupac is alive and hiding out somewhere. He is not dead. If you don’t agree, let me live my fantasy in peace. Thanks! 🙂

Anyway, the internet has been buzzing all day with video footage of my all-time favorite rapper performing at Coachella along side Snoop Dogg. Now, although I love 2Pac and will never let him die (in my mind) I know damn well he’s not around to do a concert so I decided to read a bit into one of the articles discussing this amazing feat only to discover that Mr. Shakur was not there in human form , but a mere holographic image was sent in his stead. I put off watching the video footage out of sheer scepticism but a moment ago my curiosity lead me to click the “play” button and oh, my, gosh… he’s real!

Again, of course my dearly departed fav wasn’t really at the concert but as previously stated, a holographic version of him was alive, kicking and put on a pretty decent show. Dude. I’m totally all for the advances of technology but that shit threw me for a loop; he looked so real! They did a close up on his famous “Thug Life” tattoo and much to my surprise, his torso wasn’t see through! Woah! The next thing that got me was his voice. I know voice-over acting is quite common these days but they matched his voice perfectly! As the show moved on, ‘Pac seemed to truly move across the stage as if he were really walking! The only slight disparity I noticed (and I was looking pretty hard) was the fact that at certain points throughout the performance the bottom of his boots became transparent. Other than that minor glitch, everything appeared so real! When the Dogg Father stepped out on the stage it really did look as though he was sharing the stage with his fallen homie; not just in a weird techy type way, but in a real “let’s get this show on the road” type way. After the cue was given to move on the next song, this digi-‘Pac started to dance and rap seamlessly as if he were really there! Despite the sheer awesomeness of this performance, the ending was the coup de grace. After the performance was complete and Snoop Doggy Dogg wagged away, ‘Pac stood center stage and poof! He was gone!

I apologize for my sheer shock and awe as far as this concert goes, but that shit is fuckin’ amazing to me. Who knew modern-day technology could have such handy uses? To quote veteran manager Danny Goldberg, “it’s another tool in the toolbox of technology, but some tools should only be used sparingly”. Damn straight they should only be used sparingly! I don’t know about you all, but that shit would freak me out to see something like that. Imagine an NWA reunion concert with Eazy-E rapping “Eazy Duz It” or Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston performing a duet. No sir! Certain things should be left alone. Thanks, but no thanks.

Now that I’ve conveyed my utter shock and amazement, here’s Snoop Dogg featuring 2Pac performing “Hail Mary” and “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted” at Coachella 2012 for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!

Update: While searching for more information on how the powers that be pulled off this amazing holographic stunt, I found a complete “how they did it” guide. Here’s the link the gives all the details on how my love was brought back to life in digital form courtesy of Complex. 2Pac Hologram, How They Did It


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