New Music! “Going Thru the Motions” Joe Budden

In this day and age it’s more than a little tough to find a rapper that does it for the love of hip-hop rather than simply penning bars to earn the money on the other side of the mic; but I would never expect that of Jersey’s own Joe Budden! Despite the seemingly straight forward title, “Going Thru the Motions” in a true Mood Muzik fashion, shows Buddens taking a long, hard look in the mirror and giving us listeners a taste of what he sees. No matter how dark his lyrics are or how down-and-out Joey seems, his raps are so captivating. His message of somewhat pitty (that came as a real shock) is made very clear over this track but at the same time, doesn’t sound so hopeless as some of his previous songs have. Painfully honest lines like “spent so much time complainin’ about the hand I was dealt, that I damn near forgot how the mansion felt” and “am I goin’ thru the motions or are they goin’ thru me” make his message hit home loud and clear without a super busy beat to clutter up the track. I love it!

“Going Thru the Motions” is one of many bonus tracks to be featured on his much anticipated music clash, the Mood Muzik boxed set. This work of lyrical art is due to hit the mainstream on 15 May 2012 but if you’re serious about getting a copy you might want to pre-order it. Only 100 copies will be pressed and unlike most albums, this collection will not be available in stores. Pre-order your here and here’s “Going Thru the Motions” for your listening pleasure!

“Going Thru the Motions” Joe Budden download


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