Karmaloop TV Gets A New Look

Once again, Karmaloop pushes the envelope with out-stepping the competition when it comes to urban upscale fashion and media interfacing. With the flyest skateboarder around (Pharrell Williams of course!) acting as the Creative Director, Karmaloop TV has been completely redone to offer a fresh face for new members of the rep team, fly boys and girls all over the world who love what we do and anyone else who cares to pay the online TV channel a visit. Karmaloop TV offers readers/watchers a full spectrum view of all that’s interesting in the realms of music, technology, fashion and art. In addition to the insane blogroll and handy link to the online mega-store, Karmaloop TV also features a number of shows and videos for your entertainment. Some shows are soley for shits and giggles whereas some videos show interviews, new music videos and behind the scenes looks at all things fly. Did I mention that Karmaloop TV also features content from brands we all love like Play Cloths, Fluid Watches, LRG and RVCA as well as straight from the label music updates? What’s not to love? Check out Karmaloop TV to see all that’s in store!

Don’t forget! Use my Karmaloop rep code (greedyjeanious) to save 20% on your first order and 10% off every order thereafter at Karmaloop or 20% off every order at sister site PLNDR.com


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