The Dope Man’s Muppets

I saw this picture on Facebook and thought it was too silly not to share. If it’s not obvious enough, I love when people take childhood memories and shine an adult-like light on them. It’s like you watch these cartoons growing up but truly don’t notice the fuckery going on until you grow up. Case in point, The Count on Sesame Street is clearly a pimp, I’m convinced Dora the Explorer is an illegal immigrant (where the fuck are her parents and why does this chick never go home?), and I swear whoever created Yo Gabba Gabba is/was a stoner. I think silly things like this keep life interesting. As a child you see as a child and see everything as happy and fun, but you grow up and see the real madness behind the scenes and still find the humor in it. The same logic applies to the picture below; take a look and have a laugh. 🙂


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