New Music! “Broadstreet Empire, Vol 1: Lost Files” Mixtape, Beanie Sigel

The Broadstreet Bully is back with a new mixtape! I don’t have the same love for Beans as I do for other rappers but I do have mad respect for him! Beanie Sigel is the man! He’s one of the few rappers that I actually believe. I’m willing to bet that despite all the wealth he’s accumulated over the years he still lives in the same greasy spot in the mean streets of Philly. Some call rappers like this hungry but fuck that. This man has been rapper for quite some time and as much as I like to believe it does, I know damn well that hunger doesn’t last this long; dude ain’t hungry, he angry! Listen to the vengeance in his voice and the bite behind his lyrics. Beans doesn’t spit mean punch lines like most rappers, dude issues threats! I love it! Oh, did I forget to mention that this bully is nice on the mic too? That’s totally talent right there if you ask me. I mean, anybody with raw talent can rap, look at Lil Wayne, his homie Jigga and (my heart) Lupe Fiasco. Although those guys are true wordsmiths none of them are straight up mean and vicious like this guy right here. Who can mix rude-ass “I’ll fuck you up” lines with a nice flow? Beans, that’s who.

Ok, enough of spilling my guts about another rapper, Broadstreet Empire. Vol 1: Lost Files is everything I expected from this Philly thug. 17 tracks of raw yet cunning rhymes all laced with that mean-ass Philly swag; I love it! No need to skip tracks this way! Although most tracks are angry and spit venom at a few rappers, there are still a couple of songs that offer the more grown-up and politically correct flow that Sigel seemed to grow into in more recent years. “Broadstreet Empire. Vol 1: Lost Files” is definitely hot. Here’s hoping this mixtape is a glimpse into what is to be expected on his next studio album. With that being said, here’s Broadstreet Empire, Vol 1: Lost Files for your listening pleasure!

“Broadstreet Empire, Vol 1: Lost Files” Mixtape Download

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