New Music! “Another Black Girl Lost”, Nas

I know I say this about every other rapper I post something about, but I love Nas! He’s so intellectual, so thought-provoking, so interesting! Sometimes he goes a bit overboard with his “back to Africa” plans and in some cases rattles my brain with his over-the-top black empowerment lyrics, but I still love him! How can I not love a guy with such skill and finesse on the mic (“Nasty” has been my anthem since he released it and let’s not forget “Ether”) but still so simultaneously smart?

Anyway, enough about my love for smart rappers, the self proclaimed son of God  in his traditional come-and-go style has reappeared with a new track. “Another Black Girl Lost” is to serve as a sequel for the original “Black Girl Lost” on his second album “It Was Written”. “Another Black Girl Lost” carries the same vibe as its predecessor but shines a slightly different view. This time around we find our black girl pregnant and wondering who the “baby daddy” is while still hustling to stay young, fly and popular. The knight in shining armor (Nas) begins rapping his unique love for this girl while still offering caring big brother style advice; sort of. All in all,  it’s the type of track you’d expect from the philosopher, activist and teacher Nasir Jones but he throws in real world problems that brings the darkness of life in the hood to light. Here’s “Another Black Girl Lost” for your listening pleasure!

“Another Black Girl Lost”


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