Game Table

Home decor and decorating aren’t exactly my strong suit so I try to stay away from all things home-ec, but this shit is cool! I couldn’t resist sharing it with everyone. This coffee table is a Nintendo lover’s dream. This  standard table sized, wooden recreation of the NES classic controller is fully functional but adds some pretty cool flair to your living space. By fully functional, I mean you can actually plug your Nintendo system into the table and have a larger than life controller; how cool is that!? You kill three birds in one stone: you get a coffee table to keep your stuff off of the floor and make you appear refined, you always have an extra controller handy for those Mario Party parties (Mario Party is awesome, don’t judge) and you get an awesome piece of furniture that eliminates the needs for further decoration! That’s an all around winner if you ask me! As I’m sure you can imagine,this kick ass table comes with a price tag to match. Set aside a cool $3,500 to pimp out your bachelor (or bachelorette) pad in style with the NES Controller Coffee Table available at Etsy. Happy housewarming! 🙂


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