New Video! “We Are Trayvon”, Plies

Plies dropped a video to accompany his tribute song “We Are Trayvon”. It’s sort of ironic this video debuts today. If you weren’t already aware, today George Zimmerman was finally arrested and charged with second-degree murder. I couldn’t have been happier when I saw that headline! Justice will now be served and perhapse Trayvon’s family and friends will now have a little bit of peace. Moving on, the video is actually very simple but drives the majority of the key factors in the murder of Trayvon Martin home. I really liked that there were people of different races, genders, creeds and walks of life dressed in “we are Trayvon” hoodies. I know and understand full well that race was a driving factor in the hateful and violent crime, but what bothers me personally stems beyond that. I know that it so seems that America values the life of a black teenager less than that of a white or other ethnic counterpart, but no matter the race of a person, how can anyone be allowed to gun down an unarmed minor in cold blood and be brought up on no charges?

Ok, I got it. Zimmerman claims he acted in self-defense; that happens a lot in this country, someone attacks you so you react by force. That’s fine, dandy, logical and part of your right as an American but those incidents still are brought before a jury of your peers and a judge to be evaluated. You can not kill some one and be set free as if nothing happen just because you say it was in self-defense. That’s not the way the law was written and that’s not what the Constitution upholds. Wrong, right, black or white, why was what Zimmerman did considered “okay”? Why did Trayvon’s parents have to petition, fuss, fight and protest to get the murderer of their son even arrested/brought up on charges? That’s not ok. It’s even more disheartening that this crime was left standing for so long without any action at all. Trayvon Martin was killed over a month ago and no one thought it was a good idea to investigate Zimmerman until this very day, really? It’s a shame before God in heaven that Trayvon’s parents had to fuss and fight for so long to seek justice for their deceased son. This may sound a bit odd, but despite the hardships and media bullshit that his family faced I’m really glad that they stuck through it. It may have taken a lot of effort, lost sleep, and many battles but justice will finally be served in the name of Trayvon Martin. In the past when tragic events like this took place, people would protest and picket for a week or two but once a new headline hit, forget all about it. This time was different. This time Trayvon’s family (and the supporters all over the world) did not give up, did not forget and did not lose heart. That’s why justice is being had.

One parting comment in case any George Zimmerman supports are reading. Yes, I also understand that you believe Trayvon attacked Zimmerman first and he did indeed act in self-defense. Only two people will truly ever know what really happened that night and one of them, is unable to tell his side of the story. If you believe Zimmerman based on his side of the story, that’s fair but I must ask you, what gave him the right to take that child’s life? If he wanted to defend himself he could have restained him, he is twice the size Trayvon was. The two perhapse could have gotten into a serious altercation. Under no circumstances was shooting an unarmed person logical, sensible, fair or justifiable. I know all about escelation of force and that bullshit Zimmerman pulled wasn’t it. Also, while you fight for George Zimmerman to stay home and free and be dismissed of all pending charges. Please remember: no ammount of jail time, fines paid or any other worldly punishment can compare to what happened to Trayvon Martin. Life sentence in prison or not, George Zimmerman still breathes, can still see his family and still will continue to live his life. Remember that when you demand “justice for George Zimmerman”.

#JusticeForTrayvonMartin #MillionHoodies

Ok, that was my PSA for the week! Here’s “We Are Trayvon” for your viewing pleasure!


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