New Music! Juvenile, “Ya Sleepin”

I hold on to the hope and sincere belief that hip-hop has not died but I’m really starting to lose my faith. Once again, a rapper I used to adore put out some bullshit that made my ears want to cry. Can’t be too hard on Juve though, he’s going through a bit of a tough time right now. Maybe this “single” of his isn’t the real thing and he’s just trying to get some buzz coming in to rack up enough dough to pay off his baby mama. How the hell does he owe $160,000 in back child support anyway? Has he not made a payment yet? Like at all, ever? On top of that, 13-years after the fact Juve wants a paternity test; seriously dude? Ok, I got it. The mother of your son may have slept around or, just maybe, been a typical groupie (gasp!) so he doubts the paternity of the kid; understandable. Even following that train of thought, how the hell do you wait 13-years to play the “he ain’t mine!” card? Nope! Not gonna work homie; pay up or join some of your NoLa homies at county jail for child support.

Anyway, back to this three minutes of garbage, “Ya Sleepin”. This track isn’t exactly the Juve I’ve grown to love over the years and it sounds like he’s got his full-blown southern accent back. That shit alone makes this track a little hard to understand but it’s listenable. “Ya Sleepin” in conjunction with his last mixtape “Mardi Gras” (download link is available below if you haven’t heard it yet) are supposed to serve as a precursors for his latest album, “Nino the Magnificent” which is due to us this spring. What’s with his album titles? “Nino the Magnificent”, “Juve the Great”; dude sounds like a magician, lol. Seriously though, hopefully this shit truly isn’t what’s to be expected on his next album, if there will be a next album… who knows, Juve could be locked up if he can’t shake this child support beef, lol. Here’s the first single from “Nino the Magnificent” entitled “Ya Sleepin” for your listening pleasure!

“Mardi Gras” Mixtape

Update: “Nino The Magnificent” is now available for download! Read more for download link.

“Nino The Magnificent” download


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