Kid Creates Cardboard Arcade

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As you all know, I’m a sucker for a heart-warming story about kids but an even bigger sucker for an entrepreneurial kid. This young, high speed, fully motivated and very intelligent 9-year-old didn’t spend his time waiting on the ice cream truck or watching TV like his other peers. Oh no, this kid took his free time and a bounty of cardboard boxes to create a fully functional DIY arcade fully equiped with tickets and prizes. How amazing is that!?

Caine Monroy spent a lot of time with his father at his used auto parts store located in the heart of LA. As most kids his age, and understandably so, Caine got tired of sitting around and doing nothing so with a garage full of cardboard boxes and a lot of ingenuity began to build an entire arcade made solely out of cardboard boxes and other household repair items (tape, scissors, etc). In addition to the arcade, this little business man first developed pricing for the tickets. $1 gets you 4 tries and a $2 fun pass gets you 500 tries over two months. With those prices, who wouldn’t get the fun pass? Next, Caine created a way to measure the validity of his fun passes. Once Caine got those basics out-of-the-way, he went to his father and told him that he wanted a claw machine (you know, like the ones you see in the grocery store or movie theater) but in true fatherly fashion, his dad said “go build one”. With that, Caine used more household items to build his claw machine. With “Caine’s Arcade” fully operational and ready for business, he was all ready for customers.

Even with all of this awesomeness so readily available, Caine did not receive any customers. Briefly, that’s one thing I truly love about kids. Nothing ever gets them down. Caine wore his “staff” shirt that he designed himself proudly, maintained a clean storefront and patiently awaited customers. Despite getting teases and seemingly ignore, Caine did not give up hope. Gotta love kids!

One day however Caine’s prayers were answered when Nirvan Mullick, who was in the market for a door handle for his car, stopped by and purchased a fun pass. After seeing the hard work Caine put into his business he asked his father for permission to make a short film about Caine. In essence, his father said “yes” but before that one very big and very special arrangement had to be made; Mullick had to get more people to show up to Caine’s Arcade. With a few clicks of a mouse, some internet “marketing” and a surprise flash mob Caine’s wildest dream came true and Mullick got his movie.

What an awesome story! I really love when kids take charge of their own future and more importantly, have fun with life and put that youthful imagination to good use. Below is the video that tells the story of Caine’s Arcade as well as a link to his scholarship fund website. Let’s be serious, if this kid can do all of this with cardboard and a little of imagination just imagine what he can do with an engineering degree! Support the future! 🙂

Caine’s Arcade


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