New Music! Memphis Bleek “The Movement” Mixtape

Woah! Look who’s back from retirement, hiding, hibernation or where ever the hell he’s been. Memphis Bleek is back with a vengeance with a new mixtape, The Movement. Ok, maybe not with a vengeance, after all it is Bleek, but he is back! After listening to this shit I remember why Bleek has been the kid brother of the Roc for all of these years. I’m convinced that this dude truly raps for the love of hip-hop. No loss of funds, popularity, insults, hell or high water can keep this man away from the mic. That’s dedication! Still though, it comes as no surprise why this dude it still holdin’ down that number ten bench warmin’ spot on the lable. Before downloading this, seriously, keep in mind who this is so go into it open-minded but realistic. A++ for effort though! Big up’s to Memph Bleek! Here’s The Movement for your listening pleasure!

Memphis Bleek, “The Movement” Mixtape


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