Boys 101: How To Get Boys To Like You

I’ve come to notice over the years that there are many ladies in the world who have problems getting boys (or men)  to like them. Then there’s the even bigger population that can initially get a guy’s attention, but have problems keeping them around for the long haul. Now, of course, me being me, I have my own opinions and beliefs on why this is so but being the awesome buddy that I am I try my damnedest to lend a helping hand to my homies in need. Sadly however, my efforts usually are to no avail. Some girls listen or take in pieces what they need from my advice but the others, sigh, do not. I don’t know why it’s so hard to comprehend. Maybe everyone who fits in the two above categories will listen to this awesome chick right here. Before you click play, please, if you’re sensitive or don’t know how to take a joke very well, or see yourself fitting into the categories both this chick and I are discussing, please don’t watch. You might not be too happy. There, that was my disclaimer. Moving on, follow these easy steps and you’re bound to secure lasting love. 🙂

P.S. I’m totally joking. That was funny as shit though, wasn’t it? lol

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