A “Real” Angry Bird

Dude! I’m totally getting one of these things! I hate Angry Birds but this toy is fuckin’ awesome! I don’t know who came up with this but they should get an award; maybe an ARCOM (Army Commedation Medal) or something! Well, maybe not all of that but they should definitely get a pat on the back and maybe a raise…

You can own your own personal Angry Bird complete with an impact resistant plastic frame and propellers to send it forward. That’s right! This little gadget can fly! I have one remote-controlled helicopter and I do enjoy flying it around to torment people but I’m willing to bet this would be a lot more fun and at whopping 20 x 20 x 12.5 cm this thing could actually do some damage if you hit someone, oops, something. 🙂

This battery-powered gadget takes about 40 minutes to get a maximum charge, giving you about 10 minutes to have at it and destroy all the pigs and barriers you can. This toy also has simple child like controls and seems practically idiot-proof to have a blast with, I love it! Watch the video to see how awesome this thing really is. Shell out $49.99 and buy yourself one; who says kids have all the fun? Here’s the purchasing link thanks to iHeilocopter.


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