New Music! The Game, “California Republic” Mixtape

After “Martians Vs. Goblins” I really thought The Game lost it. I used to be in love with him so hearing that bullshit sorta hurt; “where’s the gangsta Cali thug I used to love!?”. After giving his new mixtape a once over, I changed my mind; my love has returned and I couldn’t be happier!

I’m no longer determined to marry The Game (thanks in large part to that damn butterfly he has on his face) but I am happy that he’s returned to his tough talkin’, weed smokin’ Cali roots. California Republic features collabos with Fabolous, Busta Ryhmes, Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Young Chris (where have those two been hiding?), Lupe Fiasco and a gamut of others and is everything I expect from my former love. It’s a perfect mix of clever lines and hood shit, I love it! Here’s California Republic for your listening pleasure.

The Game, “California Republic” Mixtape

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